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Some modern hunting rifles
(Brief description, approximate price in 2010)

   Double-barreled shotgun with vertical shafts MR-27M
   The most popular classic gun Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, enjoys an excellent reputation among professional and amateur hunters. For 30 years, production has produced over 1.5 million rifles, constructive solutions worked out to the highest level of reliability. With its excellent balance, stable accuracy, simple and dependable design, MR-27M on its technical features and performance consistent guns ...
GUN MP-133
   Smooth-bore repeating rifle with forend reloading.
   Reliable and convenient weapon for hunting, law enforcement and defense. The gun MP-133 is designed for the cartridge 12/89, and reliably operates with the whole range of cartridges 12 caliber. 12/70 to 12/89. The model is also available in a version chambered in 76 mm. Clutch bolt directly to the barrel for strength and durability of the lock, as well as ...
GUN MP-153
   Semi-automatic hunting rifle MP-153.
   Popular semi-automatic shotgun with a wide range of applications from different types of hunting and target shooting to law enforcement and defense. At present, MR-153 is the only domestic model self-loading rifle, which was developed under the cartridge 12/89, and reliably operates with the whole range of cartridges ...
Semi-automatic hunting rifle "Snipe-Auto"
" Snipe-Auto "- self-loading hunting rifles, cartridges are manufactured by 16h70, 12h70, 12h76.
   Technical characteristics
Caliber, mm 16 and 12
Cartridge 16h70 and 12h70 (or 12h76)
The length of the chamber, 70 and 70 mm (or 76)
Magazine capacity ...
GUN TOZ-120-12M-1E
   Hunting rifles Shotguns onetrigger with selector mechanism TOZ-120
   Designed for professional and amateur hunting. Suffice onetrigger balanced gun with easy handling and detachable forearm. The presence of a selector, which allows to change the sequence of shots, makes these rifles particularly convenient to use. The model combines the elegance and simplicity. The outer surfaces of the box, the base ...
   Self-loading smooth-bore hunting carbine "Saiga-410" For professional and amateur hunting of small-and medium-size game, can be used as a protective weapon.
Technical characteristics
Calibre (mm) .410 (10.4)
Weight, kg 3.4
The length of ...
Hatsan Escort AD Legacy
  "Escort" - a model of the Turkish company Hatsan. "Escort" is a gas operated semi-automatic, in which no effort can be seen the Italian platform - a model of firm Fabarm. "Escort" is available in several versions, which differ in material lodges, its colors, long stems, etc.
   The firm "Hatsan" has long been producing firearms to NATO standards and capable of ensuring an adequate quality of hunting weapons, which is available. The quality of manufacturing and processing "Escort" fully meet modern requirements. In a gun ...
Beretta 682 E Sport (686Sport)

   Beretta Specifications
Caliber: 12/70 12/76
Barrel Length: 710-810
receiver: Lightweight alloy
rib: ventilated
fly: fluorescent
stock, handguard: crack a nut varieties ...
   XL 90-MAGNUM - with vertical shafts, designed for any kind of shooting. Receiver is decorated with engraving, forearm and stock are made of selected walnut.
Shotgun Suprema with vertical shafts, designed for any kind of shooting. Engraved with the motives of the hunt. Stock and forend are made from select walnut with a beautiful ...
Benelli Bimillionaire 20 66
   Technical characteristics
- Mechanism: Inertial System Benelli with variable geometry trigger.
- Size: 20
- Receiver: Aluminum alloy ergs with a laser engraved and gold animal prints
- Butt and fore end: Selected walnut category "Super", wax polishing, shallow grooves
stock length of the trigger / outlet: 360 mm, removal of ...
Benelli Executive Type 1 76
   Shotgun Benelli Executive Type 1 76
   Spring-piston hunting rifle (class of "Magnum"). The classic layout from the cocked spring swivel in the vertical plane of the trunk. The design of the locking device cocking mechanism ensures safe handling and inability to discharge when unlocked the trunk. Type firing mechanism. The original fuse / charging indicator ...
Browning (Browning)
   Browning B525 HUNTER CLASSIC 28
   Browning (BROWNING IN 525) gun, which has the largest sales. This is the only gun in its class, which is made by hand. Browning 525 has an exceptionally high quality, reliability ...
Merkel (Merkel)
   Merkel VDF 2000E
   Merkel (Merkel VDF 2000E), double-barreled, with vertical shafts rifle. Currently, the most popular in circulation smoothbore hunting weapons are shotguns with a barrel vertically paired. Such a gun ...
   Sources: shop.e-guns.ru  и др.

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