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   The life of animals - wolves, foxes and many other hunting wild boar, elk, wolves, wild boar hunting with dogs (husky), etc. video.  The following video links to appear on the screen after viewing boxes. Video about hunting. Watch videos online. Boar, wolves, moose, hare hunting

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Against idealization of wolf
    In the last few years many scientists devoted the labours to description of role of predators in the natural complex of wild animals, including in the conditions of cultural landscape, controlled by a man. On this soil opinion was born of positive role of wolves in the hunting growing, which carry an irreplaceable sanitary corps allegedly, destroying weak wild and domestic animals and taking away a carrion .. 

Wild wild boar and hunting on him
      As an object of hunts a wild wild boar presents the most valuable and tempting trophy for a hunter. It is explained not only that a wild wild boar gives delicious and valuable on the internalss meat, combining taste of pork and game, but also that a hunt on him is accompanied by certain difficulties and there is large sporting interest. Besides knowledge of biological features and ways of beast, a hunter to perfection must own trade of application of existent methods and receptions of hunting on a wild boar ..

1. Videos online - training dogs boar hunting
2. Videos online - moose hunting is carried out often with dogs
3. Videos online - wolves in nature, the life of wolves
4. Videos online - Wolves hunting
5. Videos online - Hunting in Belarus. Boar hunting
6. Videos online - Terrier and wild boar

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2.   Watch videos online. Moose hunting is carried out often with dogs that hunt down elk and detained until the arrival of the hunters. It is also practiced with the approach and the surge.  Moose hunting video:
On foreign hunting rifles, equipment
  In Britain and in the early days of American shooting, the double was considered standard smoothbore. Its virtue was that in a single, ...
4. Watch videos online. Wolves hunting. Video about the hunt for the wolf with the flags. After viewing the on-screen links appear - hunting for moose video, bear and more.
3.  There are various ways of hunting the wolf - lay out bait and lures that wolves then attend, battue and others. One of the most Effectiveness is hunting with flags.
    Watch videos online: Wolf ordinary. Video online. In the tundra zone with occasional very large wolves weighing up to 60 kg, other than ...
   Watch videos online - At the bottom of the video: Wolves in nature, the life of wolves.
Video about hunting:
1. Video online - training dogs boar hunting:
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5.    Hunting in Belarus, video. Watch videos online. Boar hunting:
   In the video, driving hunt wild boar and other ungulates. Belarus rich hunting grounds for a different game. The video hunters from France. Hunting is carried out with dogs.

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6. See video: Hare hunting in the winter when snow
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The pre-emption when shooting at a moving target

"Hunting animals" is a description of various animals, photos, videos online

Hare hunting, watch hunting videos online
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